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Midway Games

Enjoy fun and challenging midway games at the Fair and win great prizes!

  • Air Ball – Use a ball to knock a suspended ball down. Win a prize depending on the number of beach balls you knock down.
  • Bank Shot – Bank the ball in the colored hole to win
  • Basketball – Shoot a ball into the hoop to win.
  • Mini Basketball – A mini version for the younger basketball stars.
  • Break the Plate – Throw a ball to break the plate.
  • Fat Cat Baseball – Throw softballs to knock down the “fat cats”.
  • Mini Frog Bog – Mini version of the Frog Bog game...same amount of fun!
  • Pepsi Ring Toss – Ring a bottle of Pepsi and win.
  • Ping Pong Toss – Toss ping pong balls into marked bowls floating in the water.
  • Pringles Toss – Ring a can of Pringles and win.
  • Roll A Ball – Roll the bowling ball over the hump and have it stay there to win.
  • Wiffle Ball Toss – Toss the wiffle ball into the colored rings.


Upper School students can sign up to compete in one of three different tournaments! We will have a dodgeball, spikeball and videogame tournaments. More information will be sent via email.

Keiki Games and Art Activities

In addition to our midway games, for our Lower School period (8:00 am - 11:00 am) we will also feature Keiki Kountry Games and Art Activities

  • Bean Bag Toss – It’s feeding time! Toss a bean bag to “feed the animals”.
  • Knock the Cans – Take your best shot. Knock over as many cans as you can.
  • Bushel Toss - Help us sort our produce. Toss the fruits and veggies into the baskets.
  • Garden Dig – Harvest fruits and vegetables but not the bugs and worms. Find 4 fruits and veggies.
  • Horse Wrangler – Round up the horses! Toss the lasso over the horse’s head.
  • Go Fish – Go for a ride on the boat and catch a prize!