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April 19 & 20
Noon – 10 P.M.
Iolani Fair

Midway Games

Enjoy fun and challenging midway games at the Fair and win great prizes! And don't forget to collect those coupons at many of the game booths to redeem for more great prizes at the Trading Post!

List of Games

  • Air Ball - Use a ball to knock a suspended ball down. Win a prize depending on the number of beach balls you knock down.
  • Bank Shot - Bank the ball in the colored hole to win.
  • Basketball - Shoot a ball into the hoop to win.
  • Mini Basketball - A mini version for the younger basketball stars.
  • Break the Plate - Throw a ball to break the plate.
  • Dragon Treasure - Play a pachinko style machine, win a prize depending on the number of balls you catch.
  • Fat Cat Baseball - Throw softballs to knock down the “fat cats”.
  • Fishing Pole Challenge - Use a fishing pole to catch fishes swimming in the “pond”.
  • Frog Bog - Use a rubber mallet to launch the frog onto a lily pad “floating” in the water.
  • Mini Frog Bog - Mini version of the Frog Bog game...same amount of fun!
  • Pepsi Ring Toss - Ring a bottle of Pepsi and win.
  • Ping Pong Toss - Toss ping pong balls into marked bowls floating in the water.
  • Pringles Toss - Ring a can of Pringles and win.
  • Roll A Ball - Roll the bowling ball over the hump and have it stay there to win.
  • String Pull - Pull the strings, match the colors to win.
  • Token Toss - Toss a token and cover the dot to win.
  • Wiffle Ball Toss - Toss the wiffle ball into the colored rings.