Volunteering at the Fair

Chair & Shadow Information

Each grade level is asked to find Chairs and Shadows for most booths at the Fair. A Booth Chair oversees the planning, setup, operations and breakdown of the booth they are in charge of. A Booth Shadow works under the Booth Chair and assists and observes the Chair throughout the year in order to take on the role the following year.

For a listing of open Booth Chair and Shadow assignments for the 2017 Fair please contact the Fair Office at fair@iolani.org or call 943-2339. You may also contact your grade level ohana representative if you are interested in signing up to be a Chair or Shadow.

For a brief listing of responsibilities for the Booth Chair position, please see below. As specific tasks will vary by booth, please contact the Fair Office for further information about a specific booth's duties and responsibilities.

General Duties and Responsibilities of a Booth Chair

  • Discuss with Student Chairs specific duties and responsibilities for your booth
  • Inform the Adult Division Chairs of change/updates to your booth including: new products, booths, booth names, key dates for your division, etc.
  • Review previous year's manpower counts
  • Determine booth layout
  • Name your booth according to theme
  • Oversee decorating your booth
  • Work with Division Chairs to determine what your booth will be selling/offering (including pricing of items)
  • Oversee setup/breakdown of your booth

Booth Shadows

The role of a Booth Shadow is to observe and assist the Booth Chairs throughout the year. The intent of this position is to prepare a Shadow to take over the Chair position the following year. Shadows are expected to attend all meetings and as many pre-fair workshops as possible along with being present throughout both days of the Fair.

General Duties and Responsibilities of Grade Level Manpower Chairs

Each grade level is asked to find a Grade Level Manpower Chair who will assist with recruiting volunteers (from their respective grade level) to fill the various shifts assigned to their grade. A brief description of tasks is listed below.
  • Solicit your grade level (or friends/family) to fill your grade level's shifts
  • Utilize the online manpower database to sign up volunteers for shifts
  • Sign up for one shift in the Manpower Tent during the Fair