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Based on continued restrictions on events and group gatherings as well as current health/safety guidelines and taking into consideration the time needed to plan, we have decided to hold Raider Fest during the school day for students only.

In order to give all our students a chance to enjoy all the activities the day will be broken up into a Lower School and Upper School period.

From 8:00 am - 11:00 am Raider Fest will be open for Lower School (further details will be provided soon).

From Noon - 4:00 pm Raider Fest will be open for all of Upper School.

In the evening we will hold a special senior class event.

For those unable to attend you can still get your fill of some of our favorite Fair items! Our online Spring Sale will be open from March 2 - 19, and will feature handmade quilts, logowear, general store favorites like kim chee, liliko'i butter, and baked goods...and from our food booths we will have gumbo, turkey legs, and our huli beef sandwich! Check our online store from March 2nd until March 19th. Click here to view our site.


NOTICE: All policies and protocols are subject to change. We will continually monitor the situation and provide updates throughout the year should changes occur. We thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we navigate through this year.

Who May Attend?

Current ‘Iolani student enrolled in in-person classes.


Due to ongoing restrictions to campus and the smaller scale of the event we will be limiting manpower signups to current faculty and staff and our division and booth chairs, shadows, and committee members.

Safety protocols

  • Lower School Only
    • Details regarding cohorting and other safety information for the Lower School period will be shared in the coming weeks along with pickup information.
  • Upper School Only
    • Campus Access/Dismissal
      • Once classes are dismissed, students may leave campus. However, they will not be able to re-enter campus. The only exception is seniors returning for their Senior class event in the evening.
      • The Kamoku St. Front Lot will be opened following class dismissal for student pickup.
    • Cohorting/Seating
      • All students will use their normal seating tent
        • Students must continue to use the QR codes while at their tables
      • While roaming the grounds students may walk around freely
  • General Items
    • PPE
      • Normal school-day PPE rules apply
    • Social Distancing
      • Booths will be spread out over the baseball field to promote distancing
      • Certain booths will have specific areas on where to enter and exit the tent
    • Sanitizing and Cleaning
      • Games
        • Each booth will have different sanitizing methods depending on their equipment
        • Sanitizer will be available at each booth for workers and attendees to use
      • Food
        • We will continue to follow local Department of Health guidelines for special events
        • Additional guidelines based on current CDC guidelines will also be added